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If you believe as we do that Puerto Rico and the United States as a Nation will be better off with Puerto Rico as our 51st State, here are some things we recommend you consider doing:

La Rogativa, women's march during colonial period invasion"

Sign our Statehood For Puerto Rico Petition.

Become a Member of the U.S. Council for Puerto Rico Statehood.

Volunteer to help the USCPRS in its Activities.

Write, Email or Call Your Federal, State, County and City Officials, and tell them your views on Puerto Rico statehood and urge their support of self-determination legislation.

Write articles and "letters to the editor" in newspapers and publications on the issue of statehood for Puerto Rico.

Contact Local or National Newspapers and Media Outlets to use your zip code to find contact information for your local and national newspapers and media outlets so that you can send a letter or write an e-mail supporting Statehood for Puerto Rico and equality for your 3.9 million fellow citizens, the citizen-residents of Puerto Rico.

Urge appropriate civic and political groups to adopt policies and resolutions in support of Puerto Rico statehood. Please send us copies and notices of such action.

Urge the political party of your choice (Democrat, Republican, or other) to be proactive in support of Puerto Rico self-determination legislation, and to be vocal and explicit in their acceptance of Puerto Rico statehood should the citizens of the island petition the Congress for it.

Volunteer to help with activities in support of Puerto Rico statehood.

Talk it up with friends and neighbors. The grapevine is very important. Stand up for First Class Citizenship for All Americans.

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