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The U.S. Council for Puerto Rico Statehood is actively engaged in urging American citizens throughout the Nation to proactively support Puerto Rico statehood. We do so by conducting the following activities:
National Governors' Conference Meet in Puerto Rico
  • We serve as a clearinghouse of information on Puerto Rico, its drive for self-determination, and the case for statehood
  • We sponsor, develop and provide assistance for events and activities for U.S. organizations and individuals that present the Puerto Rico condition in a factual and truthful way.
  • We provide forums for debate and discussion of the political status and future for Puerto Rico
  • We provide speakers and discussion leaders for related activities sponsored by other groups and organizations
  • We participate in media programs (radio, television) devoted to the issue of Puerto Rico's political status and the advantages of statehood for Puerto Rico
  • We develop and distribute materials which educate and promote our cause, including issue papers, pamphlets and other materials
  • We promote an expanding membership of Americans who are interested in the work and support our goals.
  • We maintain this website in promotion of statehood for Puerto Rico
  • We are circulating a petition for Americans to express their support for Puerto Rico statehood
  • We provide assistance to those in Puerto Rico who are engaged in promoting statehood on the island
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